Welcome to Lancashire County Senior Ladies' Golf Association



      We are delighted to announce that Jeanette              Williams of Pleasington Golf Club will be                           our Captain for 2024.                                

Team Replacements

If you are making changes to your teams for our competitions, any replacements must be fully registered and paid up members of the Association.  CHANGES CANNOT BE MADE ON THE DAY. Please email the Organisers for each event with the details of the replacement, (Name, Club, Handicap Index) no later than 24 hours before the event. Replacements whose details have not been submitted 24 hours before the event will not be allowed to play on the day.

If the replacement is not a member of LCSLGA please direct her to the Membership Page of this website in sufficient time, (7 days before the event) to ensure that her membership application can be approved and her subscription paid by Bank Transfer and acknowledged.

If one of your team is not a member she cannot be entered on the system, therefore, your team score cannot be entered, and the competition and results cannot be processed.

Please email both  Event Organisers by clicking this link. in case one Organiser is on holiday.

Beryl Creer

In May 2021, Mrs Beryl Creer sadly passed away and to recognise her contribution and service to the LCSLGA we have renamed the ‘Midsummer Team Event’ to ‘The Beryl Creer Team Event’.
Beryl was a keen sports woman and was a member of Formby Ladies GC. She served on the golf club council for a number of years and was appointed captain of Formby ladies golf club in 1982. Additionally, she held the roles of Captain, Lancashire Veterans Ladies Golf Association in 1990, and President from 2002 to 2003. She was also President of the North in 1997/98.
Beryl was dedicated and fully committed to the LCSLGA and we are very grateful for the support she gave to our association.

NCVLGA Championship in Penrith

Congratulations to all our winners in Penrith, check out the pictures and results NCVLGA

President of NCVLGA 2022-2023


Congratulations go to Linda Dorning who has taken over as President of NCVLGA for 2022-23. She is seen here receiving her badge from Ruth Whitehead at Glenbervie GC.

Linda was Captain of LCSLGA in 2010 and our President in 2018-19, this is a great honour for Linda and she is really looking forward to her 2 years in office.

We wish Linda all the best and look forward to seeing her around the Northern Counties.


Things to Remember for 2022

1 Please bring up to date proof of handicap.

We accept certificates of your new WHS handicap index which you can print off using your club's website. We also accept proof of your handicap index from your mobile phone, which can be from your club or the Englandgolf app. In future, therefore, please bring the required alternative proofs of your up to date handicap index.

2 Inclement weather.

Please check on the website of the venue to see if there is a telephone number to ring to find out the status of the course on the day of the event. In addition, the Organiser of the event will have sent you, as part of your confirmation, an emergency mobile number to ring on the day.