Club Representatives

Our Association is all about fun golf and anyone who has been a member for several years is very enthusiastic, but we don't have a high profile in a lot of clubs. People get to know about our Association through their friends, and we need a method of raising our profile to attract more members to replace those who inevitably leave due to age and ill health. We believe that the development of a network of Club Representatives, consisting of members who are enthusiastic about the benefits of our Association has raised our profile.

We already have willing members who help us in a number of clubs, and we would like to extend this idea to all clubs in Lancashire. All member clubs are supplied with a folder which will contain future event details, together with information about our Association for new and existing members.

Club Representatives tasks:


To find a suitable area to display our literature.


To tell prospective members about us and our aims, which is to make golf fun and give our members the opportunity to play very good golf courses.


To answer queries from members.

If you are interested in becoming a Club Representative, please email Gill Jolleys at or