Venues and Winners of 2021 Competitions

Championship and Silver Meeting
Sunday 26th - Tuesday 28th September
Formby Ladies Golf Club
Winner: Sharon Eales, Royal Birkdale
Ashton and Lea Golf Club
The Silver Slipper
Monday 7th June
Ashton & Lea Golf Club
Winner: Bet Burns, Penwortham
Davyhulme Golf Club
Early Summer Team Event
Monday 21st June
Davyhulme Golf Club
Winners: D.Brookes, A.Parkinson, J.Begley, K.Morritt, Penwortham



Edith Barlow Event
Thursday 8th July
West Derby Golf Club
Winners: J.Dawber, S.Barlow, L.Wood,               C.Aikin, Ashton-Under-Lyne



West Derby Golf Club

 Midsummer Team Event
Monday 26th July
Preston Golf Club
Winners: S.Green, M.Cummins, K. Clarkson, J.Begley, Penwortham      
Ashton and Lea Golf Club

 Ivy Hosker Team Event
Monday 2nd August
Penwortham Golf Club
       Winners: J.Breed, K.Taylor, A. Ankers,                             S.Harper, Haydock Park             
Accrington Golf Club
Summer Team Event
Monday 23rd August
Bolton Old Links Golf Club
Winners: J.Lockwood, J.Begley, K.Snape,    S.Green, Penwortham    


Lytham Green Drive Golf Club
Autumn Team Event
Monday 6th September
Lytham Green Drive Golf Club
Winners: T.Booth, N.Gibbons, S.Monks,      V.Rink, Bolton Lostock 


Huyton and Prescot Golf Club
The Cecil Leitch Trophy
Monday 20th September
Huyton & Prescot Golf Club
                 Winners: E.Pierce, T.Kinsey                                        Formby Ladies                     

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