Friendly Matches


This year the LCSLGA will play the LLCGA ‘B’ Team on Sunday 27 March 2022 at Hesketh GC.

The Welsh Northern Counties friendly match regrettably will not go ahead this year. This is partly due to the distances we would have to travel to play the match and costs of overnight accommodation and travel.



 Date Club  County  Result
 Sunday - 27th March 2022Hesketh GCLLCGA 1:3



Match Report from our Captain Carmel Hall

The matches were played in a really good spirit and I saw many smiling faces as we watched the matches progress. The standard of golf played by both teams was exceptional and the matches were all closely fought.

Congratulations go to LLCGA as they won 3:1 

My sincere thanks to the LCSLGA team members for their commitment and efforts on Sunday and to the Hesketh GC for their support in making the event such an enjoyable experience.